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We are an SEO agency in Taipei with 8 years experience helping companies grow their businesses using SEO.

  • Strategic plan customized to the client’s sector and goals
  • On-page SEO optimization
  • Off-page SEO optimization
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SEO 服務

SEO consulting in Taipei

Organic traffic is one of the greatest opportunities to generate visits to your website. SEO is a complicated and constant job that can take a while to show results. However, if it is done well, you can attract more web visitors and increase leads and sales for your business. To appear in the first positions of the search results, it is necessary to work on your SEO day by day. You need to be aware of the latest SEO techniques, be constantly up-to-date with the latest developments in the Google algorithm and carry out a good strategy. The first step of this process is to perform an SEO consultancy.

台灣 SEO 公司

What is an SEO consultant?

An SEO Consultant will optimize all aspects of your website in order to make it more visible to the Google search engine. 
The consultant will work together with your SEO team.

SEO is a key tool for any business that wants to expand its goals.

This service aims to be the starting point of a successful SEO strategy.
台灣 SEO 公司

Let's grow your business today!

Do you need an SEO consultant?

At Arcopix we offer a wide range of SEO consultancy options, suited to businesses of all sizes in Taiwan.

Our main objectives:


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SEO 服務

On page SEO consulting

Performing On-Page optimization is a very essential step in SEO. Our SEO expert will analyze your website and recommend the best strategy to improve your on site SEO.

  • Web Architecture: we are talking about a good internal structure in HTML, PHP, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Content: optimization of existing ones and creation of new ones focused on the client’s goals. Paying special attention to keywords.
  • Internal linking: We will pay special attention to internal linking, which must be dense and consistent to avoid Google penalties.
  • Performance and Usability: through different tests we will measure the responsiveness of your website, its loading speed and the ease of navigation for the user.
  • Broken links and not found pages: Quality SEO consultants take good care of 404 not found pages and broken links as well.
  • Keyword and competitor research.  This step is the foundation of SEO

Off-page SEO consulting

  • Evaluate your backlink profile: we will check and analyze  your backlink profile using experts tools.

  • Local citation and directory profiles: we will verify that your business is listed in local directories. We will propose a list with the best citations websites.

SEO consulting FAQs

An SEO consultant is a professional who has extensive experience in web positioning, and who is responsible for understanding the business needs of each client. He will detect any point of optimization in search engine strategies, such as copywriting, and offer advice on the implementation of changes to generate more conversions. An SEO consultant is the best option if you want to appear higher in Google and other search engines.

The functions of an SEO consultant are very diverse, and they must have solid knowledge of the functionality of search algorithms. He must be in charge of finding programming errors  in your website, and he must know how to repair them. Been able to carry out a complete SEO audit of a website and determine which are its points of improvement. Ensure that the optimal keywords are obtained to rank the client’s website.

The salary of a web positioning expert depends on experience, as well as the responsibility associated with his position.  Regarding our SEO consulting services, the prices varies depending on your current SEO. 

SEO is based on increasing visibility in searches naturally through search engine positioning, SEM is based on paid campaigns on Google through advertising or ads on the results pages.

Without a doubt, it is the best traffic that a website, blog or e-commerce can receive. The reason is that it reduces the cost of acquisition per customer in a Digital Marketing campaign, as it allows your potential consumers to find your products or services by doing a web search. If your website is not at the top of Google, the consumer will never find your services/products.